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title: CFE-ConfigValidator-2: Your config contains a value for the setting, but this is not a valid setting name

This error occurs when MPF does not know a setting you specified in a device.


For instance, a switch knows certain settings:

    number: 1
    label: My Left Flipper Switch Example
    tags: some_custom_tag

You can see which settings are allowed in the config reference of your device.

Common Pitfalls


The most common source for this kind of error are typos. Check the name of your referenced device with the setting. Casing matters here (i.e. upper/lower case). Using an IDE with the MPF language server can help here.

Mixing Devices

Maybe you accidentially copied config attributes from a different type of devices? Double check if you refered to the documentation of the correct device. If you find incorrect documentation please tell us in the forum.

Incorrect Indent

With nested configs (i.e. slide_player or widget_player) you might have used an option which should be indented one level further or one level less. This can sometimes be a bit tricky. Using an IDE with the MPF language server can help here.

Running Config from a different MPF Version

Sometimes MPF config specifications change. Check if your MPF version fits the config. If in doubt check the config reference for your device.

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