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MPF Hardware Command

MPF allows has a few command line actions to check and update your hardware:

mpf hardware scan

You can run mpf hardware scan to get an overview over the connected hardware. MPF will try to enumerate all connected boards and tell you what it know about your hardware. The output varies per hardware platform from almost nothing to a lot.

mpf hardware firmware_update

MPF will try to upgrade the firmware of your hardware if this is supported for your hardware. There will probably be specific configuration in your hardware platform section to enable this.

mpf hardware benchmark

Overview video about mpf hardware benchmark:

MPF will benchmark latency and jitter of inputs, outputs and rules for your hardware setup (i.e. your controller with your OS and hardware). This needs to be configured:


    allow_enable: true

    activation_switch: s_test1
    main_coil: c_coil2

  coil1: c_coil1
  coil2: c_coil2
  switch1: s_test1
  switch2: s_test2
  flipper: f_flipper

Disconnect or disable high voltage. Then connect s_test1 to c_coil1 and s_test2 to c_coil2. MPF will enable the flipper f_flipper which will create a hardware rule on s_test1 to pulse c_coil2. Afterwards, MPF will pulse c_coil1 which should then activate s_test1. In turn the hardware rule should pulse c_coil2 which then activates s_test2. Hardware benchmark will measure the timings of the two switches. It will repeat this procedure a few times and run some statistics on the results.

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