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Alpha-Numeric / Segment Displays

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MPF supports segment displays and alpha numeric displays. There are several hardware options available: Segment Display Platforms in MPF.

1. Configure your segment displays in MPF config

You can use the following tested config snippet as a starting point to implement segment displays (make sure to use the correct numbers for your hardware).

2. Implement virtual segment displays

If you don't have or want phyiscal segment displays you can also emulate them using the following slides:

      - type: text
        text: (player1|score)
        number_grouping: true
        min_digits: 2
        font_name: ten_segment
        color: blue
        x: 620
        y: 724
        font_size: 240
        anchor_x: right
        anchor_y: bottom
        z: 2
# show slide on game start
  game_started: segment_displays
##! test
#! start_game
#! advance_time_and_run .1
#! assert_slide_on_top segment_displays

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