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Creating shows in config files

In addition to being able to create standalone show files, MPF also lets you define your shows right in-line in your config files.

You can do this in the shows: section of a config file. (This can be done in a mode-based config or in your machine-wide config).

The actual format for a show in a config file is identical to the format of a standalone show file on disk. Basically you add a shows: section to a config, create sub-sections based on show name, and then add normal show items to the config. For example:

    - time: 0
        led1: red
    - time: +1
        led1: off
    - time: +1
    - time: 0
        led2: blue
    - time: +1
        led2: green
    - time: +1

The section above contains two shows: flash_red and blue_green_cycle.

Shows in files versus shows in configs

Now that you see it's possible to create shows as standalone YAML files in your shows folder and also in a shows: section of a config file, you're probably wondering what the difference is and when you should use one versus the other?

The answer is pretty simple: There is no difference.

When MPF boots up, it creates the shows objects from your show files and the show sections from configs. But once those shows are created, they are identical. No difference whatsoever. So really you can uses whichever format you want (or mix and match them). We typically create bigger and more complex shows as their own YAML files, and smaller, simpler shows in-line in the machine or mode config. But again, it really doesn't matter.

The only real difference is that if you load shows from YAML files, you can dynamically load and unload shows throughout the lifespan of MPF. (For example, you might configure it so a mode loads the shows it needs into memory when the mode starts, and then unloads them when the mode ends.) If you have lots and lots of shows and not very much memory, this could help conserve memory since shows are only loaded when they're needed. That said, individual shows don't take up too much memory (certainly far less than sounds and images), so in most cases this is probably moot.

One "gotcha" to keep in mind is that MPF maintains a global list of shows, so you can't have the same show name twice (even if one is loaded from a show file and one is in a config file). If you do this, then whichever show you load last will be overwrite the previous one, and you'll be confused.

Referencing Slides/Widgets in Shows

You can add slides/widgets in shows. However, you cannot reference slides/widgets which were defined in show files or show sections from outside of the show. This worked in the past but it caused issues if this show hasn't been loaded yet. Nevertheless, you can reference (named) slides/widgets from slide/widget sections in any show.

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