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Variable player

The variable player is a config player that's used to set the value of player and machine variables. This is commonly used for scoring in your machine. See variable_player for more detailed information.

At the most basic level, you can use this to add to a player's score (which is technically adding value to the player variable called score), but in reality you can affect any player or machine variable.

Here's an example:

##! mode: mode1
    score: 1000     # adds 1000 to the player's "score" variable
    score: 10000    # adds 10,000 to the player's "score" variable
    ramps: 1        # adds 1 to the player's "ramps" variable
      int: 0          # sets the player's "ramps" variable to 0.
      action: set     # means that this event will "set" (or reset) the variable to the value, rather than add to it
      int: 25000 * current_player.ramps     # multiplies the value of the current player's "ramps" variable by 25,000 and adds the result to the player's "score" variable
      block: true      # "blocks" this event from being passed to variable player sections from lower-priority modes
      string: RUBY     # Sets the player's "treasure_name" variable to a string called "RUBY"

See our player variables reference and machine variables reference to learn about existing variables. You can also create player variables on the fly if they did not exist. If you want to define defaults for variables you may define them in the player_vars: or machine_vars: sections.

Usage in config files

In config files, the variable player is used via the variable_player: section.

Usage in shows

In shows, the variable player is used via the variables: section of a step.

Config Options

See variable_player: for config details.

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