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I2C Servo Controllers

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MPF currently supports PCA9685/PCA9635 based servo controllers via I2C. One example for such a controller is the Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver. You can use any I2C platform supported by MPF (see I2C Platforms in MPF).

Overview video about servos:

1. Installing I2C Servo Controllers

Connect the controller to the I2C port and add the following config section:

  servo_controllers: i2c_servo_controller

0x40 is actually the default I2C address for this chip but it might be different for some chips.

2. Add your servos

Add your servos to config:

    number: 0  # first servo on controller

All these config options are explained in-depth in the servos: section of the config file reference.

You can also provide an I2C address per servo:

    number: 63-0  # first servo on board with ID 0x3F / 63
    number: 63-1  # second servo on board with ID 0x3F / 63

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