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MPFConditionalChildren is node class that extends the MPFConditional but instead of showing or hiding itself, it shows and hides its child nodes based on a condition.

Node Configuration

An MPFConditionalChildren node is set up much the same as an MPFConditional, except that the condition_value: is ignored.

Instead, each direct child of the node has a name that is the effective condition value of that child. Note that names can be strings or numbers, but all children must have unique names and must be evaluated against the same variable.


Given an MPFConditionalChildren node with variable_type: Current Player, variable_name: ball, and condition_type: Equals, that node would have three children named "1", "2", and "3". Whenever the slide or widget appears, the child with the name equal to the current ball will be shown, and the others will be hidden.

Or, with variable_type: Event Arg and variable_name: hero, this node would have a number of children with names corresponding to the various heroes. When the slide/widget player is called to play the slide/widget that contains the MPFConditionalChildren node and includes hero: batman in the tokens: configuration, then the child node named "batman" will be shown and the others will be hidden.

Default / Fallback

A special child node can be named \_\_default\_\_ with two underscores before and after the word "default". If this child node exists and none of the other children match the condition, this child node will be shown as a fallback. If any other child node condition evaluates true, this child node will be hidden.

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