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Matrix Lights (Bulbs)

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Some hardware platforms support lamps in a matrix. Those lights are usually bulbs and single color (white). Each of them is assigned to a unique column/row combination and driven sequentially by the platform.

Video about wiring of lights:


TODO: Add a picture of bulbs in a matrix

There are various types of bulbs in pinball machines depending on when they were made. In EM and early SS #44 and #47 bulbs were used. Later SS machines used #555 bulbs (or the vibration resistant variant #444 or the

259 substitute). Those bulbs are rated at 6.3V but typically driven at

12V in a matrix or using AC voltages in older machines. Newer machines (pre LED) use #906 bulbs which are rated at 13.5V.


Details differ by platform but the syntax for the number of such a light is usually column:row or column:row (see your platform for details). The config looks like this:

    number: 2:10      # or 2/10

Monitorable Properties

For dynamic values and conditional events, the prefix for LEDs is device.lights.(name).

  • color
  • corrected_color

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