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MPF Boot Up / Start Up Sequence

The first phase of operation of MPF is the start up sequence which is basically everything that takes from from the time you run mpf until the time your machine is up and running in attract mode. We're not going to list every single detail here---to see that just look at a log file generated in verbose mode---but this should give you a pretty high level gist:

  1. Loads the configuration from file: <your MPF project root>/mpf/mpfconfig.yaml

  2. Loads the machine config file you specified in the command line. Note that this config file may load other config files.

  3. Sets the default hardware platform. (FAST, P-ROC, OPP, SPIKE, virtual, etc.)

  4. Loads the system modules. The exact order is specified in mpfconfig.yaml. Currently it's:

    1. config_processor
    2. timing
    3. event manager
    4. mode controller
    5. Device manager

      1. Device modules are loaded
      2. Machine-wide devices are created
    6. switch controller

    7. ball controller
    8. light controller
    9. bcp
    10. logic blocks
    11. variable player/scoring
    12. shot profile manager
  5. System events are registered (for things like shutdown, quit, etc.)

  6. Posts the event init_phase_1 .

    1. The event player is initialized
  7. Posts the event init_phase_2 .

    1. The ball controller configures eject targets
    2. The playfield configures eject targets
    3. Score reels configure their switches
    4. BCP sets up connections
    5. The switch controller sets up switch events
    6. The device manager registers all the control_events for machine-wide devices
  8. Plugins are loaded

  9. Posts the event init_phase_3 .

    1. The ball lock devices initialize
    2. Diverters register for switches
    3. The shot profile manager registers shot profiles
  10. Scriptlets are loaded

  11. Posts the event init_phase_4 .

    1. Drop targets update their states from their switches
    2. The auditor initializes
    3. OSC starts
    4. The asset managers start loading machine-wide assets
    5. The mode controller processes and loads all the modes
  12. Posts the event init_phase_5 .

    1. The light controller processes machine-wide light scripts and light player entries
  13. The machine controller's reset() method is called.

  14. Reset posts the event machine_reset_phase_1.

    1. Ball devices initialize their switches
    2. BCP sends the reset command to any attached media controllers
  15. Reset posts the event machine_reset_phase_2.

    1. The ball controller updates its count of known balls
    2. Ball devices configure their eject targets
  16. Reset posts the event machine_reset_phase_3.

    1. Ball locks are reset
    2. Drop targets are reset
    3. Drop target banks are reset
    4. GI is enabled
    5. Multiball devices are reset
    6. The attract mode starts as its a registered handler for machine_reset_phase_3 .

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