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MPFSound is a Godot Node class provided by the MPF-GMC extension. It provides the same options as sound_player for configuring playback, with the convenience of coding those options once rather than on each sound_player call.

In the Godot Editor FileSystem panel, find an appropriate sounds folder and right click to Create New > Resource > MPFSoundAsset. Choose a name for the sound that you'll use to call it from sound_player and save the file.

Sound name uniqueness

Each sound resource needs a unique name so GMC can find it when referenced by sound_player. It's okay to create an MPFSoundAsset and save it with the same name as the sound file. GMC maps all sound files first and then all resources, so a resource with the same name will override the sound file.

Node Configuration

In the Inspector tab on the right side, you can configure the MPFSoundAsset with these options.


Options configured in the MPFSoundAsset will be the defaults for this sound, but can be overridden with values in sound_player for different behavior when needed.


Single value, type: AudioStream. Default: None

This is the sound file or sound resource that will be played for this sound's name. It can be a single sound file (WAV, OGG), or any AudioStream-based resource in the project (AudioStreamRandomizer, AudioStreamPlaylist, etc).

You can also create a new AudioStream in-place here, if you don't wish to reuse the audio stream resource elsewhere.


Single value, type: String. Default: None

The name of the bus this sound will play on.


Single value, type: float. Default: 0.0

The number of seconds over which this sound will fade in when it is played.


Single value, type: float. Default: 0.0

The number of seconds over which this sound will fade out when it is stopped.


Single value, type float. Default: 0.0

The timecode (in seconds) where playback of this sound should start when it is played.


Single value, type float. Default -1

The number of seconds that this sound will be kept in queue while its sequential-type bus is busy. If the bus does not free up before this number of seconds passes, the sound will not be played.

A value of 0 means the sound will not be queued and will only be played if the bus is immediately available.

A value of -1 means the sound will be queued indefinitely and will not expire.

Note: this value has no effect for sounds played on solo and simultaneous buses.


MPFSoundAsset does not have any public methods exposed.

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