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Did you know there's a GitHub repo of MPF Example games?

One of the GitHub repos that's part of Mission Pinball is called mpf-examples which contains a few different example MPF configs and some templates you can use.

This repo needs to be updated

As of this writing (June 2023), the mpf-examples repo is a bit out of date. We would love some help to update it. Nothing is super broken, but there are probably some simple config file changes or updates that are needed before the examples work with the latest versions of MPF.

The mpf-examples repo doesn't have an installer, rather, you just download it and unzip it and start using the stuff it contains.

Each software repo in GitHub has several "branches". (Think of branches kind of like versions.) The mpf-examples repo has multiple branches that each match a specific version of MPF. For example, the 0.21 branch of the mpf-examples repo is for MPF 0.21, the 0.30 branch is for MPF 0.30, etc.

Unzip the file to any location you want, and then browse the files to see what's there, or open a console window to launch MPF and/or MPF MC in each folder.


Williams Demolition Man. This config is pretty basic, but you can play complete games and it has some simple shots, scoring, and modes. It also contains custom code to run the Cryro Claw. See details which explain how to "play" this game on your computer here.


A machine config that demonstrates several capabilities of the MPF Media Controller (MPF-MC). Details here.

tutorial (and several tutorial_step_XX folders)

Contains the config files used in the MPF Tutorial.


A template config you can use for WPC machines.

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