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Arduino Pinball Controller

This section is maintained by the hardware maker

This section of the MPF website is about a specific company's pinball controller hardware, and they are responsible for maintaining the content here.

Of course feel free to edit, add, and/or correct things if you want, but if something seems weird, reach out to the hardware maker, not the MPF maintainers. ;)

MPF can control System3 to System11c machines directly using the Arduino Pinball Controller (APC). It contains CPU and drivers so it can also be used to build full custom machines. Uses the LISY protocol.

This is how APC generally works:

See Arduino Pinball Controller Documentation on github for details.

This is an example config:

  platform: lisy
  connection: serial
  port: com1      # change this for your setup
  baud: 115200
    number: 1
    type: light
    enable_events: ball_started
    disable_events: ball_will_end
    number: 0
    number: 1
    number: 2
    number: 3
    number: 4
    label: APC

See the LISY platform for more details on configuring hardware.

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