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Slingshots are configured as autofire_coils in MPF.




A sling shot usually consists of two blade switches and one coil. Those switches are wired in parallel because it does not matter which switch was closed to fire to slingshot. Connect one side of each switch to ground and the other side of both switches to the same input.

Part numbers:

  • Data East/Sega/Stern: #500-5849-00
  • Spooky/American Pinball/Suncoast: PBL-5849-01


This is an example:

    number: 5
    number: 7
    default_pulse_ms: 15
    coil: c_sling_left
    switch: s_sling_left

Adjust default_pulse_ms and default_pulse_power in your coil to control the strength and sound of your slingshots.

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