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FAQ: Getting help

Where can I go for help?

Check the Community page for links to forums and events.

I think I've found a bug. Now what?

Post it to the "issues" section of that repo on GitHub:

I want MPF to work with a new piece of hardware

Awesome! We've designed MPF to be platform-independent, meaning that the core MPF software doesn't talk to hardware directly. Instead we have "platform interfaces" for different types of hardware.

The easiest way to understand how these work is to look through the code for the existing platform interfaces. This code is in the platforms folder in MPF.

As always, if you have questions, please post them to the Mission Pinball discussion group on GitHub.

Something missing or wrong? You can fix it!

This website is edited by people like you! Is something wrong or missing? Is something out of date, or can you explain it better?

Please help us! You can fix it yourself and be an official "open source" contributor!

It's easy! See our Beginner's guide to editing the docs.

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