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MPF release checklist

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What to do to make a MPF release?

  • Update MPF Release Notes (mpf-docs repository dev branch)

  • Create draft blog post in missionpinball-website repository (in _draft folder)

  • Create branch (e.g. 0.50.x) and push it based on dev

    • mpf repository
    • mpf-mc repository
    • mpf-monitor repository
    • mpf-examples repository
    • mpf-debian-installer repository
  • Create branch (e.g. 0.50) and push it based on latest branch in mpf-docs repository

  • Add to versions on readthedocs and wait until it finished building

  • Remove from redirects in readthedocs

  • Add + 1 to redirects in readthedocs

  • Increase version to on branch

    • mpf repository
    • mpf-mc repository
    • mpf-monitor repository
  • Set version to in mpf-mc repository in appveyor.yml

  • Wait until all builds pass

  • Increase version to (bb + 1 or a + 1) on dev branch

    • mpf repository
    • mpf-mc repository
    • mpf-monitor repository
  • Update latest branch on mpf-docs

    • Remove branch protection
    • Set current_branch to in
    • Set branch in .travis.yml to
    • Remove --pre from install notes
    • Update linux installer references to instead of dev
    • Push dev branch to latest (hard push)
    • Re-add branch protection
  • Update dev branch on mpf-docs

    • Update version to next release in
  • Protect branches

    • on mpf repository
    • on mpf-mc repository
    • on mpf-monitor repository
    • on mpf-examples repository
    • on mpf-docs repository
    • on mpf-debian-installer repository
  • Publish release post on forum

  • Increase version in forum header

  • Publish release post on pinside

  • Publish release post on slack

  • Delete pre releases on pypi

    • mpf
    • mpf-mc
    • mpf-monitor
  • Tag Release on github

    • mpf
    • mpf-mc

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