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The MPFCarousel node works in tandem with the MPF Carousel mode to support dynamic content switching based on rotation events (a timer, flipper presses, or anything else).

Requires MPF 0.80

The MPF 0.80 events that drive the MPFCarousel are changed from those in MPF 0.57. If you have an existing MPF 0.5 carousel you may need to update your event handlers.

Node Configuration

Add an MPFCarousel node to your slide and create child nodes for each carousel item you wish to render. You can use the eyeball icon in the Scene panel to preview what each carousel item will look like. Each child node needs to have a name that corresponds to one of the selectable_items: in your MPF config file.

    # attract_mode.yaml

      start_events: mode_attract_started
      stop_events: mode_attract_will_stop
      game_mode: false
      code: mpf.modes.carousel.code.carousel.Carousel

        - gameover
        - title
        - last_game_scores
      next_item_events: s_flipper_right_active
      previous_item_events: s_flipper_left_active


When the MPF Carousel mode selects an item to display, it will post event with the name of the carousel mode and the name of the selected item. The MPFCarousel node will then iterate through its child nodes and hide all children except one with the same name as the selected item.

Single value, type String. Default None.

This is the name of the carousel mode in MPF that will be triggering changes. The name is required so that GMC can correctly identify in case multiple carousels are active at once.

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