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Configuring and Enabling Flippers/Pop Bumpers/Slingshots in LISY

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System 1/80 does not support rules in software for flippers/pop bumpers/slingshots because CPUs were not fast enough at that time. Instead, they installed a hardware relay to enable flippers/pop bumpers/slingshots by connecting them physically to the corresponding switches (similar to fliptronics).

All you have to do is to configure the game_over_relay (which is connected as light) in LISY1 and LISY80:

    number: 1
    type: light
    enable_events: ball_started
    disable_events: ball_will_end

In LISY35 the same relay is connected to a driver. You can use this example to enable flippers:

    type: driver
    number: 16
    enable_events: ball_started
    disable_events: ball_will_end

This config will automatically enable the flippers on ball start and disable them on ball end. You can add more events to enable/disable them during the game.

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