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How to run the "MC Demo" example

The MPF Examples GitHub repository includes a machine configuration called "MC Demo" which is a demo of many different features of the MPF media controller. Here are a few random screen shots of it:


You can run it and use the arrow keys on your computer to step through different slides, and then you can look at the source config file to see how it all works.

It's designed to both show you what's possible and to show you how to do different things with the MC.

1. Download the MPF examples bundle

Instructions here. (Make sure you get the one that matches the version of MPF you're using. The 'dev' branch is MPF 0.57, so if you're on 0.56 or earlier, select the proper branch to download.)

2. Run it

Open a command prompt or terminal window, and change to the "mc_demo" folder in the "mpf-examples" package you downloaded. Then run:

mpf both

When you run the demo, use the left and right arrow keys to step through the different slides.

3. Check out the config (with notes!)

You can browse the complete config in the mc_demo/config/config.yaml file. Or check it out online here.

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