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Installing MPF on Linux

May 2023 Update

We need to update this page (we no longer suggest pipx, btw), but if you want the "real" linux install instructions, read through the GitHub Actions job scripts in the .github/workflows/build_wheel.yml file. You'll see the exact steps we use to build MPF-MC (MPF is simple to install, it's the MC part that's tricky). Various jobs in there use both apt-get and yum to set everything up before building the MC.

As part of our automated build process, we build and test MPF and MPF-MC against Ubuntu 20.04 & 22.04 and Debian Stretch & Buster. MPF 0.54 supports Python 3.5 to 3.7. MPF 0.55 supports Python 3.6 to 3.9. MPF 0.56 supports Python 3.7 to 3.9

Installing MPF Using Our Installer

Download the MPF Debian Installer (which is used for all of these) from

Unzip it, and from a terminal run chmod +x install && sudo ./install from the folder you unzipped the files to. If you are using a P-Roc or P3-Roc also run chmod +x install-proc && ./install-proc (skip for other platforms). Consult the README for more information.

Installing MPF Manually

Current version these instructions are for v0.56.0, which is the current "dev" branch of MPF.

MPF 0.56 requires Python 3.7, 3.8, or 3.9. Various Linux distributions offer to install multiple versions of Python in parallel. First check what version of Python you might have already running on your computer.

python3 --version

In some cases you might only get a Python version of 3.6, then run your admin tool and install a higher version of python, preferably the latest version of 3.9. If you don't want to remove the older version of Python you can keep it in parallel, just make sure to run the installer commands with the right version of python. If you have for example installed Python 3.9 try to running

python3.9 --version

You will need pip further down the line to complete the installation. Same as above for Python, check what version of pip you are running and choose the command to match the version you would like to use. Try the following commands to figure out what pip command works for you and has the right version.

pip --version
pip3 --version
pip3.9 --version

For the rest of the chapter I will always write python3.9 and pip3.9 as commands as reminder to use the right version, any of the above commands might work for you (or fail).

NOTE: If you already have an earlier version of MPF installed, uninstall that first by using this command:

sudo pip3.9 uninstall mpf-mc mpf

If you are unsure which version of MPF you have installed, you can run this command to check what is installed:

mpf --version

Updated MPF Monitor instructions (which work with pipx) are here.

At this point, MPF 0.56.0.devXX and MPF-MC 0.56.0.devXX are installed. (The "XX" in the version will be the dev build numbers.)

Download & run the "Demo Man" example game

Now that you have MPF installed, you probably want to see it in action. The easiest way to do that is to download a bundle of MPF examples and run our "Demo Man" example game. To do that, follow the instructions in the How to run "Demo Man", an MPF example game guide.

There's another example project you can also check out if you want called the "MC Demo" (for media controller demo) that lets you step through a bunch of example display things (slides, widgets, sounds, videos, etc). Instructions for running the MC Demo are here.

Running MPF

See the How to start MPF and run your game for details and command-line options.

If you see a Failed to initialize MPF exception when trying to start MPF with Multimorphic P-ROC/P3-ROC boards with Python 3.8.

Example Error:

Failed to initialize MPF
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/mpf/platforms/”, line 31, in <module>
  import pinproc
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pinproc’
During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/mpf/platforms/”, line 41, in <module>
  raise ImportError
ImportError: No module named ‘pinproc’

Try Changing Edit install-proc:


cd pypinproc
sudo python3 install


cd pypinproc
python3 install --user

Keeping MPF up-to-date

To upgrade MPF just re-run the installer which will make sure that you will also get updated dependencies:

sudo ./install

If you have MPF installed via the manual procedure above, you can keep it up-to-date by running the final two pipx commands from above which you used to install MPF and MPF-MC.

To install the latest dev release (not generally recommended) which allows you to try bleeding-edge features run:

pip3 install mpf[all] mpf-mc --pre --upgrade

To downgrade (or install a specific release x.yy.z) run:

pip3 install mpf[all]==x.yy.z
pip3 install mpf-mc==x.yy.z

Uninstalling MPF

To remove MPF either because it is no longer needed or to perform a clean install run:

sudo pip3 uninstall mpf-mc mpf

Specific Hardware Devices

We got some write-ups for specific hardware platforms. They follow the general linux installation schema but also cover some details about that hardware.

Specific Linux Distributions

Specifics about certain linux distributions.

What if it did not work?

In the following we list some common problems and solutions. If you got another problem please ask in our forum.

YAML error on first start

You will see this error if there is already a different version of ruamel.yaml installed on your system:

pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (ruamel.yaml 0.15.37 (c:\users\robert\appdata\local\programs\python\python36\lib\site-packages), Requirement.parse('ruamel.yaml<0.11,>=0.10')

This could have happened if you are upgrading to a newer version of MPF or you have incompatible versions of MPF, MPF-MC and/or the MPF-Monitor installed. The required ruamel.yaml version is different on newer MPF versions. We used to install ruamel 0.11 and switched to 0.15 in MPF 0.53+. MPF cannot start with two yaml libraries. To fix this check your versions pip3 list and check mpf, mpf-mc and mpf-monitor. Remove the wrong version and install the right one. All versions need to match (for instance all or all dev).

The following command will remove all three and install the latest release:

pip3 uninstall mpf mpf-mc mpf-monitor
pip3 install mpf mpf-mc mpf-monitor

This error can also occur if you already have ruamel.yaml installed in your python system packages for a non-MPF package. Often times, you will have a newer version of ruamel.yaml than MPF requires. Unfortunately, MPF cannot use a newer version of this package because that caused issues in the past because newer versions dropped support (wheels for windows) for older python versions. In the case that you need a different version than the one MPF requires, it is advised to create a python virtual environment and install the required packages there, and use that virtual environment for running MPF.

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