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MPF Community

MPF is open source software created by volunteers in their spare time. Most users of MPF are people building homebrew pinball machines, also in their spare time!

Pinball is one of the dwindling real physical experiences in our world. It's fun to play together. Hopefully you can come out to a show to meet other makers of pinball machines using MPF.

(The vibe at shows is so rad. It doesn't matter if you're a FAST or CobraPin or P-ROC user--or even if you built your own hardware--everyone who's actually trying to put a machine together has such a great time!)

MPF Users Group (Google)

There's an MPF Users group on Google Groups which is where many MPF users post. It's not super active these days as most pinball hardware vendors now have their own private slack groups. It's nice because it's public and permanent, so it comes up in Google searches.

GitHub Discussion Group

All of the MPF projects (even including this website) are on GitHub, and we maintain an MPF users discussion group there as well. This group is cool because it's integrated with GitHub, so we can reference code snippets, commits, releases, issues, etc. And it has modern day threading, code pasting, answer upvoting, etc. Really it would be awesome if it was the place for all things MPF, but people still use the Google Group since it's more familiar.


A pinball maker event called PinDevCon was held at the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show in June 2023. It was put together by FAST Pinball but had participants using all hardware platforms (and all software frameworks). You can see all the videos of the talks here. One of the talks was from MPF maintainer Brian Madden (and the guy writing this page, Hi!) with a "deep dive" of MPF under the hood. (This is not really for users, but more for people who are interested in contributing or maintaining the MPF framework code itself.)

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