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Video widget

The video widget is used to display a video on a slide. This can either be full-screen videos or smaller videos that appear on a portion of the display.

Note that in MPF, videos are regular widgets, so they can go on top of other widgets, or other widgets can go on top of them, they can be moved and animated, etc.


type: video


Video widgets also have "common" widget settings for position, opacity, animations, color, style, etc. Those are not listed here, but are instead covered in common widget settings page.

Also remember that all widget settings can be controlled via widget styles, rather than you having to set every setting on every widget.

The following video widget settings may be animated: x: and y:.

type: video

Tells MPF that this is an image widget


The name of the video asset this widget will show. Details on video assets are here.


Allows you to specify the size (along with width: of the video on the screen). Set to 0 (or leave this setting out) to play the video at whatever size the asset is configured for (or, if a size is not specified there, at the native video size).

Note that the height: and width: settings cannot stretch or skew the video. So if you enter values that result in an aspect ratio for the video widget that does not match the video itself, then the video will be sized as large as it can within the bounds of the size of the widget.


Lets you specify the width of the video. Set to 0 (or leave the setting out) to use the setting from the video asset and/or the native video width.

See the height: setting above for details.


Volume for this video on a scale from 0 to 1. Default is 1.0. Note that you can control the volume during playback via the control_events: below.


Currently the video volume and playback is not integrated with the rest of MPF's sound system in terms of tracks, ducking, etc. This is on our roadmap.


Boolean (True/False or Yes/No) which controls whether this video should start playing automatically. Default is True.


Sets what happens when the video ends. Options include:


: The video loops and starts playing again


: The video stops and stays at the end (so it continues showing the final frame)


: The video stops and the position is reset back to the beginning. This is the default.


Control the playback of this video with MPF events. Options include:


: Starts playing the video from its current position.


: Pauses the video at its current position.


: Stops the video and resets the position back to the beginning.


: Moves the video to a certain position based on a percentage. 0 is the beginning of the video, 1 is the end, 0.5 is 50% through, etc. (This is similar to position:, except it's based on percent instead of position.

This setting does not change the play/stop state.


: Moves the video to a certain position based on the time, (in seconds). In other words value: 4.2 here would move the video to the 4.2 second mark. (This is similar to seek: except it's based on seconds instead of percent.)


: Sets the volume of the video on a scale from 0 to 1.

This setting does not change the play/stop state.

To use control events, add a control_events: section to the video widget, then create a list (with dashes) of event:, action: and (optionally) value: settings. Then when the event is posted, the action will be applied to the video.

Consider the example below:

    - type: video
      video: my_video
        - event: play_my_vid
          action: play
        - event: wizard_caught
          action: stop
        - event: some_event
          action: pause
        - event: what_event
          action: seek
          value: .5
        - event: move_it
          action: position
          value: 4.2
        - event: mute_me
          action: volume
          value: 0

In the example above, when the event play_my_vid is posted, the video will start playing. When the event wizard_caught is posted, the video will stop. some_event will pause the video, what_event will reset the video to the 50% position, move_it will set the video to the 4.2 second position, and mute_me will set the volume to zero.

Note that you can have as many different entries as you want here, even using different events for the same actions, etc.

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