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Overwriting Tilt Slides

The tilt mode comes with very basic slides. You can overwrite them using the following config:

#! switches:
#!   s_tilt:
#!     number:
#!     tags: tilt_warning
##! mode: tilt
# in your modes/config/tilt.yaml
  _overwrite: true   # this is important to overwrite the existing slides
      - type: text
        text: "STOP IT"
    expire: 1s
      - type: text
        text: WARNING
        y: top-2
        anchor_y: top
      - type: text
        text: "SERIOUSLY STOP IT"
        y: top-18
        anchor_y: top
        expire: 1s
    expire: 2s
    - type: text
      text: TILT
##! test
#! start_game
#! post slam_tilt
#! advance_time_and_run .1
#! assert_mode_running tilt
#! hit_and_release_switch s_tilt
#! advance_time_and_run .1
#! assert_text_on_top_slide "STOP IT"
#! advance_time_and_run 2
#! assert_text_not_on_top_slide "STOP IT"
#! hit_and_release_switch s_tilt
#! advance_time_and_run .1
#! assert_text_on_top_slide "SERIOUSLY STOP IT"

By setting the _overwrite: true you will overwrite the complete slides: section of the built-in tilt mode. The slides above are the default slides.


You can add a slide for the slam_tilt event. However, by default the tilt slide is also shown at the same time so you have to make sure that your slide has a higher priority than that slide.

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