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Cuphead is an example of a project that runs MPF. Add yours!

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For a few years, people have been contributing information about their pinball projects built using MPF. All of that information is in the /showcase folder in the root of the repo.

You can still add your own project.

Since we just did the website migration, we still need to make these project pages look nice. We'll probably get to it soon, or, you can help us out and submit a PR to make this page look better. :) Edit the /docs/showcase/ file to change the layout of this page.

Team: Scott Miller

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Started: 2020-10-27

Finished: 2020-10-12

Images: None

Project type: None

Documentation Link: Here

Controller: Cobrapin


Neopixel driven by Cobrapin

Video of Cuphead

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